The Transition from 4th to 5th World

A RECENT GATHERING of Mayan elders in Guatemala joined to celebrate the Mayan New Year. The counsel of high priests came together to discuss prophecy according to the Mayan Calendar for the coming year. Because of my research highlighting the connection between modern science and ancient text, information has been presented to me directly from elders telling of great concern regarding the escalation of events we will see in coming months.

In the Mayan Sacred Books of ‘Chilam Balam, it has been translated to identify the current leader of the world will no longer be as we end the 4th World and enter the 5th. This has been interpreted by the elders to mean the United States will no longer have its way.

One issue of great concern is the US and European economy. It was said the financial condition with world markets is, and will be, more fragile than is being disclosed. In the coming year we will see radical shifts in currency and methods of trade. This was brought about by the 4th World anchor of self-centeredness, individualism, greed, and materialism.

I was told the 4th World is a learning time for humankind. The world’s consciousness (sometimes described as field of energy) was set to allow a period of greed, lust, deception, and disregard ultimately ending in wars and collapse of nations. Mayan prophecy identifies this period is not meant as a means of punishment – but was meant for us to grow, to learn about ourselves, to rise to a higher self. This was the description of the 4th World—an opportunity to right ourselves bringing back an allegiance of community.

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