Matriarchistic view to the night sky and its constelations

I think, that constellation Virgo actually is a constellation of Themis, with a scales (Libra) in one hand, and a sword or even a snake (Snake) of Ophiuchus/Serpentarius in the other.
Virgo features of discriminating, intuition, perfectionism, attention to details, quick in temper but soon be quietened respond, mirroring mind to the features of ancient greek goddess of justice and order Themis – common consent, able to foresee the future, communal affairs of humans, divine justice, divine order, social order, the will of the gods.
Themis has also features like Libra has – harmony, attention to details, fond of society, quick in temper but soon be quietened, fair and objective, logical, good at analysis etc, mirroring mind, balance.
Themis is associated with divine order and constellation Virgo is close to our Supergalatic Center, where perhaps all our souls come and go, where divine order comes down to us. Like in ancient myths of Egypt Virgo (with scales – Libra) or Goddess of Justice weighs our souls after death. The constellation is a Gate to Divine Order, to the world after death where life comes and goes.
Virgo is the link between the immortal soul and the astral body in man and as such, it governs the cerebellum and sympathetic nervous system as well as the viscera. As a symbol, Virgo has always been associated with the birth of a god or demi-god, a supreme expression of the dynamic consciousness of Divine Will. The ancients held that Mercury, the messenger of the gods, was created in this constellation.
Some say Virgo should look like virgin Mary or Isis with a child in her hands. The Child didnt’ dissapear, it is just bigger and he/she hold her mother of justice by her leg. Divine justice and purity, order and sincerity.
That’s my matriarchistic view to the night sky and legends of constelations, because i think that originally there were female goddesses and constellations when first pictures of them appeared in Lascaux caves in France about 25000 years ago (almost when Virgo was on Spring Equinox).
In that case constellation of Ophiuchus the serpent holder or Serpentarius which shares the same snake with Virgo/Themis should be a Snake Goddess – Serpentaria, which has a Galactic Centre near her feat.
And Coma Berenices is a womb, a regenerating snake, a symbol of rebirth with Supergalactic centre in it. Snake was a symbol of regeneration in ancient times. Snake can change its skin, it gives a birth to lots of infants, it is a creator and it has a hypnotic power.


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