The Part of Fortune and her Counterpart

Altair Astrology

Fortunae te regendum dedisti, dominae moribus oportet obtemperes. Tu uero uoluentis rotae impetum retinere conaris? at, omnium mortalium stolidissime, si manere incipit fors esse desistit.*  Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy

What is the Part of Fortune? Why do we use it and what does it symbolise? I would like to explore this in the next two, maybe three articles.

The Part of Fortune may rightly be called the Part of the Moon. And as we will shortly see, even its glyph reflects the lunar cycle. But first a little background information. The realm we live in, was known by the ancients as the sub-lunar realm. It is the realm of mortality, where everything is subject to change. Here Fortuna with her Wheel of Change (some would say Chance) holds sway. From a personal, biological viewpoint this is the Wheel of Incarnation – birth, childhood, youth, maturity, old age and death…

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