One response to “Matias de Stefano Presents “The Keys of Ater Tumti” (Part 3/3): Transcript, Final Part

  1. Excellent presentation of the physics of the universe on a macro level and the meaning and expression of our lives and energy on a micro level. Through the science of planetary physics (or Divine physics), the seasons of our lives, the energies of color and the chakras, the synchronistic correlation of events with the end result as represented by the planetary timing through the celestial constellations is right on, in line with the ancients. Focusing through the knowledge of contrast and comparison of the collective and individual astrological mandalas of timing and evolution, completion, destruction and rebirth or regeneration to the next level of being and age are confirmed by the oceanic archeological evidence of lost civilizations. The choice of seeing one’s past and future through the many and various journeys and lives through reincarnation gives one a piece of the puzzle of eternity.


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