32 Years

The ancients knew that there was a Sun/Venus cycle of 8 years.  Today, we call it a recurrence cycle, because every 8 years the Sun and Venus return to approximately the same relationship to each other around the same date.  So for example, say you had Sun at 8 Scorpio at birth, and Venus at 19 Libra.  Around your eighth birthday, the Sun would again be around 8 Scorpio, and your Venus around 19 Libra.  This would occur at age 16, age 24, age 32, age 40, etc, etc.   Some astrologers even cast charts for when the Sun and Venus return to the exact birth angle and view it as describing the coming 8 years in terms of things like self-respect, personal values, creativity, and even expressing love.

Other planets also have recurrence cycles with the Sun, and with each other.  It is especially interesting when three bodies return…

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