The Midheaven & Imum Coeli

Vesta Lyn Astrology

The Midheaven is an important part of your chart. This is also called the Medium Coeli and is represented with the letters MC. The reason it is important is because it is the very top of your chart- the highest point- taking on the symbolism of reaching your highest aspirations and goals.

Your Midheaven is where you intend to go. It is how you want to be seen, what you strive to become, and how society sees you as a whole. It’s your public persona. This is the area that gives you enjoyment, and a career that revolves around the sign, planets, and/or aspects of your Midheaven will make you feel alive. This is also your reputation- on a grander scale. Your goals are mostly centered around the energy of your Midheaven because it’s where you strive to end up and what you’re willing to put your time and effort…

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