Leo in the 12th House (Aquarius in the 6th)

The Cusp Consulting

With Leo in the 12th house, you’ll most likely have a Virgo ascendant. This placement allows for great mental advancements early in life and throughout your life. One setback is having a highly discriminating mind that works hard finding “fault” in oneself, as well as the world. This mind doesn’t help you find the confidence and pride being stifled by your 12th house either.

Early in life is the time you learn the most about how you work and how you like your world to be structured. Either told or presented, you were taught that grandiose or spectacular displays are closer to gaudy and disruptive than captivating and useful. You learned to not put yourself on display or show off; to put your work and achievements first, not personal pride.

You might harbor a fear of being seen as pretentious or shallow. You work to be of service and this…

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