5 Differences between modern and traditional astrology



I don´t think that the real difference of modern astrology from traditional is the use of outer planets of that modern astrologers don´t know their terms anymore. I think that the principal difference lies on non technical aspects.

Modern astrology is sometimes seens as a “development” of traditional astrology. This is not true. Traditional occidental astrology is very similar to vedic, chinese or arabic astrologies. All of these astrologies are very different from modern astrology, which shows how modern astrology is a particular construction of the post-industrialization occidental world way of thinking.It is a mutation, not a developtment, it is a new creature, and below we make a few contrasts between the two.

1 – Modern astrology focus almost only in Natal astrology

Yes, there are modern astrologers who wrote books on mundane astrology or in horary, I know. But see around the internet and you will hardly find any…

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