The 4th Gate

“And So the Soul…”

4ginfinity.jpgIn Esoteric Astrology it is believed that the Soul is breathed into the natal chart at a point near the Nadir (the lowest point below the Earth opposite the Zenith) and the Imum Colei (the North Angle or cusp of the 4th House). This “Door to the Soul” is the entrance and exit point during a given lifetime. The accumulation of wisdom and the experience of living from past lifetimes produces the current mode of communicating foundational needs of an individual in the present life.  This Soul Essence can be gleaned from the sign on the North Angle and from any planets that are in “applying” conjunct aspect (one degree or less) to the North Angle.

If a Mutable sign, Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius occupies the 4th House cusp, the individual will approach basic needs with adaptability. Life is a continuing series of impacts because he/she is easily influenced by others and the environment. A Fixed sign, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius occupying the 4th House Cusp signifies a life of testing, purging and cleansing. These individuals are subject to quiet periods interrupted by sudden upsets. These will either be initiated by the individual or come from outside influences. How much the individual suffers these experiences depends upon how much information they need to move forward. A Cardinal sign, Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn on the 4th House cusp indicates a spiritual warrior who views the lessons of the current lifetime as an initiation in moving closer to Source or God. These individuals will be a constant state of flux and movement intellectually.

Planets conjunct the Imum Colei by applying aspect from the 3rd House at birth relate to additional gifts brought in through the spirit.

SUN: The individual will relay a need to entertain others either through verbal expression or physical expression. They will need to overcome material hurdles in order to bring the total sum of self-expression to fruition since there is a strong need for distinction in some area of life. The Sun connected to this point signifies intellectual brilliance and a desire to investigate new things.

MOON: This is a strong position for the Moon. Individuals tend to be happiest when they are around water – lakes, rivers, or the ocean. There is often a tendency to wander from place to place because of incessant curiosity. Thought patterns are greatly affected by emotions and the imagination.

MERCURY: The predisposition of Mercury conjunct this point indicates that the individual has brought forth superior intellectual ability from past lifetimes from both experience and heredity. There is often a love of books and/or libraries. Originality and mental agility is often expressed via writing and/or speaking. The individuals are also adept at problem solving. Retrograde Mercury indicates past life lessons surrounding “speaking before thinking” which led to trouble. The individual tends to be more pensive and takes the time to discern words rather than blurting things out.

VENUS: The individual has a great love of and need for harmony. He or she is also very concerned with self improvement. There is an innate love of literature, poetry and art and there is great ability in these categories. Social contacts are scrutinized in an intellectual manner. Retrograde Venus indicates a need for discernment when connecting to others so that relationships can be sustained in a mature and productive manner.

MARS: Individualism is taken to new heights with this placement. The individual has a strong tie to the Earth and is often a “do-it-yourself” type. The intellect is very aggressive, the speech direct, and the nature resourceful. There may be a tendency to jump to conclusions however, fast thinking makes this person good in emergency situations. Some will express a desire for politics. Retrograde Mars here indicates past lives connected to the military where discipline sometimes required regrettable acts perpetrated upon others so there exists a need to overcome guilt.

JUPITER: This placement indicates need for religious/spiritual and/or educational activity. The individual often comes across to others as “lucky.” The mental outlook is often optimistic, philosophic, perceptive, social/political and spiritual. There is also an interest and tolerance for different belief systems and cultural communication modes. Retrograde Jupiter indicates some past lifetimes of persecution and the individual come full circle in this lifetime to overcome fear when expressing innate wisdom and trusting the inner self.

SATURN: The individual struggles with balance usually when it comes to personal and professional needs because of a strong drive and a need for accomplishment. The mental outlook is disciplined, practical, and a bit judgmental. A gift for methodology is highly apparent often expressed through powerful and innate ability for mathematics and/or form. Retrograde Saturn indicates negative thinking patterns from past lifetimes of difficulty with authority figures and power struggles which call for a need to overcome impatience with others who are less gifted.

URANUS: The mental outlook is that of a visionary who has a penchant for the contemporary including artifacts of unusual origin. The individual tends to be open minded with concern for the facts and a distaste for anything that requires “approval.” He/she comes into the current incarnation with an innate sense of brotherhood and with the Truth regarding Universal laws and principles. There is often past life ability for the sciences and/or the occult. Retrograde Uranus indicates rebel energy that runs with a strong stubborn streak and a need for appreciation of structure and compromise.

NEPTUNE: This is a highly mystical and spiritual placement and the individual has a strong attunement with the Earth and the forces of nature. Psychic ability and a grand imagination need to be put to good use because the individual is subject to “downloads” from higher planes of existence. The capacity for visualization is highly developed and the individual sometimes expressed a need to be connected to the mass media. If the individual has a penchant for writing a pseudonym will often be used. Retrograde Neptune indicates past lifetimes of escapism and fear of independence so the challenge is to become more self reliant in the current incarnation while using creative abilities to the fullest.

PLUTO: Higher spiritual faculties become more apparent as the individual ages and matures in the current incarnation. There is an innate ability for the occult and a strong connection to the Earth and what lies beneath the Earth. The mental capacity is penetrating, scientific and resourceful with great comprehension of fundamentals. Personal beliefs are strong and unyielding unless factual concrete evidence to the contrary has been presented. Retrograde Pluto indicates past lifetimes where the individual had experiences that promoted distrust in others based upon blame for deeds and crimes uncommitted by the individual . The soul essence is learning to trust the “self” in the current life so trusting others can follow.

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